Cell Cleaner

A simple-to-use dry product the dissolves the minerals that naturally build on your Salt Cell Generator.

Product Details


  • Easy to use
  • An inhibited acid cleaning system
  • Specifically formulated for salt cells


  • Quickly loosens and removes oils combined organic matters, and calcium deposits
  • Can safely be disposed of down drains or sewers
  • Solution may also be added back to pool where filter will absorb


  • Add one pound of Cell Cleaner to 3 gallons of fresh water and mix. Warm water may dissolve product faster if desired
  • Always add chemicals to water. NEVER add water to chemicals
  • Once disconnected from the plumbing and unplugged from the power control base, submerge the cell’s plates in the solution
  • Avoid completely submerging the cord of the cell in the solution
  • Keep cell immersed for 20-30 minutes
  • Remove and rinse cell plates
  • Heavy deposits may need additional time to soak or may need to by physically removed
  • Cell Cleaner is a strong acid. Always use protective eye wear, clothing and gloves when using this product

Available Sizes

1 lb pouch

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